Louise Borthwick

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How did I get here?

I am no different to you in that I got to a stage in my life where I was asking myself, is this really what life is meant to be all about? You see, let me be vulnerable here: At the age of 42 years old my 3rd marriage ended, I had lost another business and home because of yet another failed relationship, my children were all growing up and finding their own way in the world. I reached for alcohol and considered suicide, I felt alone and that I had failed myself and other people in my life - I hit the pit.

I was sad, heartbroken, hurt, betrayed, angry and desperate. I started to think about all of the terrible events and experiences I had encountered in my life. I thought, I can not have had to experience all this for nothing, there has to be a reason. I want to know why..

I started to pull myself together, I have gratitude for my children, for, without them, I fear, I would have left this world at that time, and probably many times before that too. My first grandson was born and I felt that I had to do something to change our lives and I knew it had to start with me.

I was frustrated with myself because I knew that there was an answer, I just couldn't work it out. I had always been interested in psychology, in particular behaviour, researching. I had always been quite a counsellor in my job as a hairdresser, I had the answers for everyone else, but not me. 

I wasn't scared to self-reflect and I knew my flaws, I was very harsh with myself, beating myself up all the time.

I decided that I would not stop until I got the answer to stopping the cycle that was playing out in my life.

One night, after self medicating with wine once again, crying myself to sleep, I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up at 3 am, my mind was going ten to the dozen with words and ideas. I decided to write them down because I didn't want to forget them. 

I wrote and wrote until my hands ached, as I wrote I cried, I felt a sense of relief. I fell asleep again and when I read it all back in the morning, the answers were there. I worked on this theory of freedom and from that night I felt more and more empowered every day. I restructured my scribbles and used my academic ability to form it into a systematic programme that is now known as The Empowerment Programme.

I retrained as a Practitioner life coach, so that I could deliver The Empowerment Programme. I piloted this at the domestic violence and abuse service for a year, working with service users, The Empowerment Programme had 100% success and survivors of abuse have gone on to break the cycles of abuse in their lives, repair and rebuild relationships with family, developed the confidence to go for well-paid jobs, start new business incentives - leaving their experiences and the residue aftermath that we are all left with, well and truly in the past where it belongs.

Even though I believe that our experiences and the knowledge we gain from them is the most valid qualification. I also knew that to have the credibility The Empowerment Programme deserved in the field of Mental and Emotional Health, I wanted a degree. Nothing could stop me now.

In 2018 I got a BA Hons in Education, Society and Development (Social Psychology). I am an accredited level 6 Master Practitioner Life Coach and The Empowerment Programme has been accredited as a level 6 Master level coach programme with The International Authority for Professional Coaches and Mentors. (IAPC&M)

I have unlocked the secrets of becoming free, to live a life of freedom, I started to notice that people treated me differently, noticing that I had a different type of confidence, I began to be respected for me. My children have grown into amazing individuals living in their freedom, and I know our negative cycle of behaviour has ended with me. 

Over the past 5 years I have developed and put in place The 3 core elements and 4 corner stones to The Empowerment Programme to make the process and change quicker and more permanent.

I love my work and know it is my life's purpose to help people transform their lives, to support others to live their lives completely free of their abusive experiences. I advocate for breaking the negative cycles of behaviour and changing lives for good. This is incredibly fulfilling work and incredibly important.

“Louise Borthwick, I can't thank you enough!! I've finally emptied my backpack, which I never thought I would of achieved, and it is all down to you and your ability to help people change their lives. I feel empowered, my relationships have improved and I am free - thank you”
- Heidi Sully

“After my sessions with Louise Borthwick on The Empowerment Programme, I have experienced the biggest light-bulb moment I have ever had. Having suffered abuse in several forms throughout my life, I honestly thought I would recognise it anywhere. I was so wrong! I feel as if I've been dunked in a bucket of cold water and have woken up to smell the coffee after wading through 10 years of fog! Absolutely awesome, I am literally buzzing!!

I can't believe that I have actually broken free from a situation that has caused me years of frustration, anger and guilt. The freedom feels incredible, the best investment in myself, feeling on top of the world!" - E.D Anonymous

“I have not felt this good about my life and within myself as I do at this current time. I have changed my life, got a new, well paid job. I can't thank you enough for your understanding of where I was and what I wanted to achieve in my life, it is worth every penny. Everything else just wanted to cover up the problems or touch the surface... and I had always known deep down that it wouldn't heal until I got to the bottom of the roots and dug at it from there, to complete my healing process that I wanted so much - I am actually feeling so grateful, happy and content with my life, finally”
- Maire Millard